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What is A LED Dog Collar?

Swerving, fast moving cars on the road are unavoidable. Also, roads are meant to be shared vehicles, and human beings, and animals are now exception. Dogs enjoy a satisfying walk or run to free their spirits. With all that being considered, it is better to take note of the safety of all on the road.

With visible lighting, accidents are least to happen. The sense of sight can alarm the brain to avoid accidents. Visibility is a struggle especially at night especially for our dogs who are more helpless on vehicle accidents. This is where the innovation of a LED dog collar comes in.

With the combination of fashionable and comfortable dog collar and a powered LED, it helps prevent accidents to happen at night. With neon lights on the neck of the dog, it is easier to see the whereabouts of the dog, keeping it at safe eyesight.

The best part of the LED dog collar is it can be used all day without using the light feature at daytime. It is the best accessory for your dog!

Either to be fashionable or safe, LED dog collar is a great proactive method for the life of the dog. Anything can happen in 24 hours, with led dog collar, you can be safe and secured 24 hours!

Common Features of a LED Dog Collar

Like an ordinary dog collar used on dogs, a LED dog collar is designed with LED to protect your dog at night. It is made of high-quality materials to make your dog comfortable. With it adjustable strap, it is also sturdy enough for any activity your strong dog will do.

The LED light is safe for your dogs and your eyes. It is at favourable lighting intensity enough not to make you squint. The LED light is located inside the dog collar and attached to a power source. It may be powered either using a battery or a rechargeable USB port. With only minimum charging time, it can last for months.

Dogs may get a little messy. Going here and there and ending up with dirty collar. The LED dog collar has low maintenance feature. It can be hand washed after detaching the power source.

With a variety of personal preferences, the led dog collar comes in different colours and sizes. The LED dog collar is both (your dog and you)’s best friend at night!

For a more detailed specifications of our LED dog collars, please click here.


Why Use A Led Dog Collar? Here Are Reasons Why You Should

With the unlimited loyalty and happiness dogs give us, it deserves to run free at anytime and anywhere but this freedom becomes so limited at night. An accident is always a hair strand away. To keep your dog safe from moving vehicles or to easily see your dog at low visibility situation or to simply be fashionable, the LED dog collar is a great accessory for your dog!

This easy yet practical solution could save the life of your dog, the driver, you and anyone who might be part of a life-threatening situation. This pro-safe accessory is an easy way to maintain it and use for a long time.

Furthermore, safety need not be expensive. This great investment is meant to save you a lot of cash! Thus, more and more pet lovers are getting their own LED dog collar!

Safety should not be compromised for all, especially your dogs who are meant to give you unlimited love and care. Show the same way how you highly appreciate your dog with considering safety for 24/7.

A LED dog collar is a great way to save your money and life. Be one step ahead to any life threatening situations!

How To Use and Clean

LED dog collars may either be battery-operated or rechargeable. For the battery-operated ones, there is a required size of the battery. Simply unlock the battery case and insert the required battery. For the rechargeable collar, a cord is attached to the LED light then may be attached to any USB port. Simply charge for a few hours. Both types can be operated with a switch button.

Maintenance of the LED dog collar is easy. Detach the power source from the collar. The collar then can be hand washed using soap and water. Dry the collar then return the power source. Reuse several times.

Guaranteed Best Price

The price of the LED dog collar is a great investment for the safety of your dog! The convenience that it gives is worth and the quality materials it is made with, is worth every dollar spent. Most importantly, it is sold at a guaranteed best price!


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LED Dog Collars Australia was made to protect your pets and ensure their safety during night walks. We were born of Love, with love and we hope you enjoy your LED dog collars.