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About Our LED Dog Collars

With our wide section of LED dog collars in Australia made available for you to buy online with fast and free shipping, you can now purchase with ease. Find out below the benefits of our LED dog collars for your dogs:

  • Versatile as they are as comfortable to use for dogs of different sizes;
  • Made from high quality materials that are made to last long, even with repeated use;
  • Fashionable design and comes in different colours so they’re not just functional but also trendy;
  • Visibility of light coming from the LED on the collar can be seen as far as 200 meters so vehicles and pedestrians coming will see you and your dog even from afar;
  • Light settings are adjustable so they can be dimmed according to preference; and
  • Power settings are in dual mode – battery-operated or rechargeable.

The most important thing is to ensure your dog’s safety while walking at night. Get one of our LED dog collars and enjoy all the benefits. The usage is endless with our great LED dog collars.



Since 2018

LED Dog Collars Australia was made to protect your pets and ensure their safety during night walks. We were born of Love, with love and we hope you enjoy your LED dog collars.