LED Dog Collars For Safe Night Walks

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Find the right LED dog collars for your dog

LED Dog Collars Australia provides LED collars for making night walks safe and enjoyable for your dogs. Each one of our LED dog collars will keep your pets visibly safe at night.

Why Our LED Dog Collars?

It is a known fact that danger intensifies at night and everyone is prone to it. Our pets are no exception. Pets keep us safe. They can smell danger but who takes care of our pets? With LED dog collars, your dog’s safety is an eyesight away.

Considering the comfort of your four-legged best friend, the LED dog collar is equipped with visible light that can be operated using a power button. This rechargeable device is designed to keep your dog safe especially from vehicles at night. Pet safety done 24/7.

Day time is also not a concern as this LED dog collar functions like a normal dog collar that is trendy. Dogs of different types and sizes can use this dog collar using its adjustable straps.

With increasing vehicle accidents at night involving animals, more and more pet owners are looking into getting their own LED dog collar.

At LED Dog Collars Australia, our goal is to provide our customers the satisfaction each of us are expecting for what we have paid for. For a more detailed specifications of our LED dog collars, please click here.


Why LED Dog Collars?

✔ Fashionable design and comes in different colours so they’re not just functional but also trendy;

✔ Versatile as they are as comfortable to use for dogs of different sizes;

✔ Made from high quality materials that are made to last long, even with repeated use;

✔ Visibility of light coming from the LED on the collar can be seen as far as 200 meters so vehicles and pedestrians coming will see you and your dog even from afar;

✔ Light settings are adjustable so they can be dimmed according to preference; and

 Power settings are in dual mode – battery-operated or rechargeable;



What Our Clients Say

I was walking Charlie at night. People kept looking at Charlie. He was an instant celebrity with his dog collar. Even crossing the street was not a problem. Vehicles would automatically slow down when they saw Charlie with his bright collar. Thanks led dog collar! With my limited time, I can walk Charlie anytime I want!Nicole M


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